At In the Imaginarium Photography,
we’ll bring your vision to life.

Have you ever wished you could capture a moment in time?

Maybe it was the months leading up to the birth of your first born baby.

Maybe you were experiencing extraordinary success

. . . or simply surviving through a hard season.

Maybe it was a moment met only in your imagination; a moment in another world entirely.

Real or imagined, whether professionally or just for play, I get it.

I understand the power of storytelling.

I value the expression of emotion.

I revel in the possibility and wonder of imagination.

And I use all of that to capture those moments for you too.

Together, we can collaborate to create a work of art with your story — and your imagination — at the center.

I’m Sylvia Spiro and I help tell the stories of individuals, organizations and companies who want to express something different, something deeper, something that dares to see and share the world in an entirely new way.

I’m a Bay Area-based photographer and filmmaker, and I’m also the founder of
In the Imaginarium Photography.

This business was born of my own imagination — of my belief that there is power and purpose in what we can conjure up, and from my desire to capture otherworldly experiences, to express individual emotions, to tell the unique stories of people through images.

It’s my hope that I can help you see the same.

While there are many different ways we can work together — from fantasy-themed photography to headshots for your company website — I will always offer a unique experience; an opportunity to step into another world and create something special together.

To me, every client — like every photo — is unique, important and has a story to tell. And when we work together, I’m inviting you not only into my imagination but also into yours: into a vision, an experience and an image that reflects the world you want to inhabit, the world you want to see...even if only for a moment in time.

I’m excited to meet you there.

While my business is based in Los Gatos, I will travel throughout the entire SF Bay Area, including Mountain View, Palo Alto and beyond — or wherever your imagination takes us!

Get in touch to learn more about what you can create with In the Imaginarium Photography.

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