Fantasy Themed Photography for Individuals, Fashion Boutiques and Small Businesses

At In the Imaginarium, my mission is to create and capture your vision; to tell your stories or create new ones together.

From fantasy themed, underwater and fashion photography to promotional videos and personal branding photography — for individuals, boutiques and companies alike — we’ll work together to bring something brand-new to life.

I start by asking “What if . . .?”

What if? allows me to get creative, to open up to new possibilities, to truly use my imagination (and yours!) to create an incredibly unique experience both during your session and in the photos that follow.

And why? Because I love creating that experience and I love capturing it too. I love showing and sharing emotion. I love telling a story — your story — whether true or tucked away within your imagination.

Regardless of the type of session we share, your photos will be elegant, emotional and beautiful. I use color, lighting, background, scenery and more to capture something magical in every moment.

And I offer a few different photography and filmmaking services that can be customized to capture your imagination.


Through fantasy themed photography and filmmaking, I’m able to tell stories, capture emotions, create an escape and imagine entirely new worlds.


From couples sessions to maternity shoots, whether you’re honoring specific life moments or celebrating seasons of life, underwater photography sessions are a unique and beautiful opportunity to dive deeper.


The very best boutique clothing photography captures the specific story of the fashions, and tells it well. I work with boutiques and brands to take photos that will help build your business.


And with everything personal branding — from personal headshots to promotional videos — the opportunity and the objective is the same: To tell your story. And I can help.

Every service includes a pre-production session, where we’ll review the details needed to develop your story and the logistics needed to structure your session.

All services also include post-production work to enhance, improve or simply help bring a whole new world to life around you.

Whether we’re shooting underwater photography or capturing shots to build your brand, as a photographer based in the Bay Area, I can travel to you — from San Francisco to the Monterey Peninsula and to cities and countries beyond — to find the scenes that best bring your imagination to life.

Let’s work together to customize the right photography service — fantasy themed, underwater, fashion and apparel or personal branding — for you.

Let’s talk so you can learn more.

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