Clothing Boutique and Fashion Photography

Fashion is storytelling in its own right.

The fabrics, the textures, the combinations, the collections — every single piece is an opportunity for someone to adorn themselves; to be their own work of art.

And the very best boutique clothing photography captures that picture and tells the story well.

As the owner of a store, as the designer of a brand, as a model or performer, that’s likely what you’re seeking: You want to capture the essence of the ensemble and help set the scene that these clothes can create for whoever wears them.

And perhaps now, more than ever, you are looking for ways to entice and encourage more people to stop by the shop or order online.

I get it. I’m a small business owner too.

And I’m here to support you in creating the boutique or brand-name clothing photography you need.

If my fantasy or underwater photography services are any indication, I’m drawn to the story. While I’ll always align my work with your brand, I’ll also offer you images that are unique, fresh, funky — that help you stand out, just as your fashions do.

These images are what sell your clothes, your store, your brand to the world. These images tell the story that draws people in.

And I can help you spin that narrative.

As a photographer living in Los Gatos, California, I am available to photograph fashion, apparel and model images in my studio or on location throughout the Bay Area — including as far as Pacifica, Cupertino and Palo Alto — or in the city (or country!) of your choosing.

Here’s how a boutique clothing photography session works:

We’ll have a pre-production session to discuss the story (your brand, your vision, your style) and the setting (the location, the wardrobe, the models and more). We’ll dive deep into exactly what you need (images for web, print, catalog, social media), as well as who you’re trying to reach — and storyboard a solution that meets your needs.

As with all of my photography services, I can also create motion work through video and filmmaking.

Now more than ever, people need to see what you have to sell, to recognize your store and your brand, to understand the story you’re telling.

I can help you craft that narrative.
I can help you capture the scene.
I can help you tell that story.

You can view more photos in my gallery, and follow up to learn more about how we can help boost business with my boutique clothing photography services.