Fantasy Photography

You want to tell a story.

You want to capture a moment.

You want to escape into the depths of your own imagination.

Me too.

And my fantasy photography service will help you do just that.

During your session, we’ll find the balance between what’s real and what’s only imagined; each shot offering its own vivid scenes, bringing to life the world you envision.

Photography and filmmaking are my art and I was first drawn to fantasy photography because the medium allowed for a different artistic take on the medium: an opportunity to explore new skills within my craft, widen my view of what’s possible and be creative in an entirely new way.

Through fantasy themed photography and filmmaking, I’m able to tell stories, capture emotions, create an escape and imagine entirely new worlds with my camera, my computer and, of course, with you.

Those opportunities are what fantasy makes possible: By allowing your imagination to soar, by expanding your vision of the world, by stepping into a new story and truly seeing it come to life before your eyes, you’re not just playing dress up for a day — you’re broadening your idea of what’s possible.

"Highly professional and artistic photography work with a lot of emotion and intellectual oversight." - Eva K., Slovakia


That being said, dressing up is pretty fun too! Perhaps more than other photography services, fantasy photography sessions allow you to inhabit a new version of yourself — or even an entirely new identity. You can try different costumes, out-there hairstyles, the artistry of different makeup stylings and so much more.

In a world often more focused on being productive, stepping back and just playing can be nice too — more than nice, actually; it’s often exactly what we need.

Here’s how a fantasy photography session works:

During a pre-production session, we’ll review the story of your shoot and the logistics behind bringing your story to life. This session is your opportunity to share your ideas and your imagination — brought to life through a mood board — as well as your thoughts on the theme of the shoot, wardrobe, makeup, hair and more.

During this session, we’ll sit together as photographer and client to review logistics for the day of your session including the location (my studio in the San Francisco Bay Area or on location); props such as furniture, musical instruments or a classic car; the session schedule; hair and makeup needs and more!

After the shoot, I’ll do the post-production work that adds to, enhances and, in some cases, creates entirely new worlds within your images. You’ll be able to view all images before you invest in any of them.

And, of course, in between all of that, we’ll have your fantasy photography session together. We’ll bring your imagination to life!

As with all of my photography services, I can also create motion work through video and filmmaking.

By its very definition, fantasy asks us to use our imagination; to make real what previously seemed enchanting, but impossible — quite literally, otherworldly.

Why not see the world with new eyes?

I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but will travel throughout the area (from San Mateo to Sonoma County) — or wherever you’re located — to find the right scenes and settings for fantasy shoots.

Get a sense of what we can create together in my gallery. Then reach out to start a conversation and customize your fantasy photography experience.

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