Promotional Videos, Headshots and
Personal Branding Photography

The common thread of my services is the story.

I like to tell stories through photos that stretch the limits of the imagination.

I like to tell stories that capture the depths of emotional experience.

I like to tell stories that weave seemingly disparate pieces together.

And with personal branding photography and promotional videos, I’m grateful to tell your story.

While personal branding might be considered manufactured by some, I offer that this sort of work should be the opposite: this is an opportunity to show your most authentic self to the world.

I work with individuals, companies, non-profit organizations and more to create portraits and films that highlight and amplify the work you do and why you do it; the services you offer and why those services are significant.

Because here’s the thing: your clients, your customers, your next company — they’re not really looking for you; not specifically. They’re looking for a feeling; they’re looking for the connection to who you are, how you got your start, the story behind what you’re selling.

With headshots that seem genuine, personal branding photography that feels consistent, promotional videos that show your authenticity, the opportunity and objective are the same: To share your story.

And I can help.

Here’s how personal branding photography and video sessions work:

During a pre-production session, we’ll discuss your experience, your brand, your vision, your audience — all of the elements that contribute to your story.

And for promotional videos, we’ll take those pieces and start developing a storyboard; mapping out, piece by piece, frame by frame, how we can tell that story in a way that best highlights who you are and what you’re here to do.

Of course, we’ll cover the logistics too: location, wardrobe, post-production needs and more. Rest assured we’ll review everything we need to make sure your needs are met and all content is covered.

Whether you’re one person, a fledgling startup or an enterprising organization, the story of who you are is what sells what you do. Let’s tell that story — through photography or through promotional videos — together.


“Sylvia is a great photographer! We hired her for our corporate profiles and also photos to put on our corporate website and she did an amazing job. She has a great work ethic (used the best equipment and made sure the lighting and everything was perfect) and is really talented at producing great, interesting shots.”

Renee L., San Jose, CA

I offer branding photography services throughout Northern California, including San Bruno, San Francisco and Santa Cruz — or I can travel to set up a shoot closer to you.

Check out some of the work I’ve done before in my gallery, and connect with me to customize your photography or filmmaking session.

Shot 1. Flash with diffusion.  Flash type: Canon 600 EX-RT.  Diffusion: P-22 panel. GN=100 @ ISO 100.  Flash-to-subject distance:  7'. Flash at 1/1 power.  Manual 50 mm.  Diffusion-to-subject distance:   4'.  Ambient (outside) MIE=1/60 @ f/11.  Shot at 1/60@f/8.  Flash MIE=1/60@f/8.
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