Underwater Photography

You want to create something unique, ethereal, otherworldly.

Like fantasy themed photography, underwater photography allows you to inhabit an entirely new world — but this time, a world with which you’re more familiar.

You may have been to the ocean, you’ve likely studied sea life in school, but most of us have barely skimmed the surface of the underwater world.

We’re familiar, but we’ve never fully known what it’s like to exist underwater.

Perhaps you’ve had those fleeting moments of peacefulness, of weightlessness, of buoyancy in your life — but have you been able to capture that sense? To hold onto that moment and revisit it forever?

Likely not. Until now.

My underwater photography sessions quite literally allow you to dive to the depths; to unburden yourself of whatever’s been weighing you down and feel held up; to find a moment of silence and stillness amidst the ever-present noise of everyday life or to simply experience something new — and have portraits that capture that feeling forever.

From couples sessions to maternity shoots, whether you’re honoring specific life moments or celebrating seasons of life, underwater photography sessions are a unique and beautiful opportunity to let go and be quite literally lifted by the world around you.

Here’s how an underwater photography session works:

We’ll have your underwater photoshoot at an outdoor, private pool — and while it’s important that you are a good swimmer, I’ll take photos wherever you feel most comfortable.

There will always be a safety assistant on hand to provide you with additional support and ensure your safety. Depending on the nature of the shoot, we can also rent a commercial pool with a lifeguard for an additional cost.

I’ll share all of this — including tips on underwater posing, recommended clothing and more — in a pre-shoot briefing document ahead of your session.

Underwater photography requires patience, a relaxed attitude and a willingness to go with the flow — all of which will come through in your portraits in the end.

As with all of my photography services, I can also create motion work through video and filmmaking. And I offer every service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area — from South San Francisco to Saratoga and everywhere in between — or wherever you’re located!

If you’re ready to dive deeper and create a work of art together through underwater photography, take a look at the shots I’ve shared in my gallery. Then, let’s connect to learn more about what we can create together.

"It was super fun working with Sylvia. Having your photo taken underwater is an experience for sure!! Sylvia is patient and easy to work with and the end results were mind blowing."

– Chris L., Orinda, CA

“I highly recommend Sylvia…she was very great at communicating and always got back to me right away on any questions I had. My daughter had the opportunity to collaborate with her in an underwater photo shoot and the results were amazing…the pictures were absolutely stunning. She has given us a gift and we can’t thank her enough.”

– Jenny M., Martinez CA

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